Things You Offer

Think events, services, classes, camps, activities, etc.

Things represent the stuff you want to offer to your customers. Each has its own dashboard, where you can manage availability, bookings and settings.

Thing Settings

Each Thing has its own settings. These settings control a Thing's duration, cost, available locations, management options, etc. When you create a new Thing, Slottable shows only a few of these settings options. The rest can be configured via the Thing Settings page.

To manage settings:

  1. Navigate to the Thing Dashboard
  2. Click on the "Customize" button
  3. Select "Manage Settings"

The settings page controls how this Thing works, along with some information that will be displayed to customers when they go to book.

Overriding settings

The settings in the "General" section (Name, Description, Length, etc.) can be overridden on individual date and time slots. See Date and Time Slots for more information.


Any locations you configure in the Thing Settings will be made available for selection when you create or edit date and time slots for this Thing. Only locations included here will be available for selection.

See the Locations article for more details.

Charging for Slots

When you set a price, Slottable asks how you'd like to collect payment. You can either collect payment at the time of booking via Slottable or collect payment separately.

  • If you'd like to collect payment during booking via Slottable, you will need to set up the Stripe integration. Check out the Stripe Payments Guide for more information.
  • If you decide to capture payment separately, Slottable will display the price during customer booking, but the payment handling will be left to you.

Participant Settings

This group of settings allows you to customize a number of elements about the booking and booking management experience. Some of these settings ask for names or content that will be displayed during the booking process. (E.g. What do you want to call people who register? and Terms and Conditions.)

Booking Management

The section "Let people manage the following aspects of their bookings" allows you to configure which management options are available to your registered participants. Additionally, you can limit your customer's ability to use the management controls based on their registered slot date. All of these options default to disabled.

Regardless of the configured options, you can manage a customers booking via the roster or Slottable contact record.