Diving Deeper


Deliver location information before and after booking.

Locations allow you to specify where your slots will occur and add details for registrants. These details can be merged into follow-up messages sent via Slottable.

Managing Locations

Your locations are centrally managed from the Locations page. This page lists all the locations you've added, and it gives you options to edit, add and remove locations.

If you remove a location that is currently in use, Slottable will continue to show that location for any slots that were previously configured. However, the deleted location will not be available for you to select when creating new slots.

In order to select a location for use by one or more of your date and time slots, you must first add the location to the desired Thing. You can do this by visiting the Thing dashboard, then clicking on the "Customize" button and selecting "Manage Settings".

Follow-up Messages

The information you provide in a location can be merged into the follow-up messages you configure Slottable to send in the Follow-up Processes section.