Diving Deeper

Integrations & API

Integrations allow Slottable to connect to third-party applications so that we can share information with each other. We share data from one system to the next which provides you with more features and options while using Slottable.

Stripe Integration

To collect payments via Slottable, you will need to create a new Stripe account using the Slottable Stripe integration wizard. You can begin that process from the integrations page.

Click here to learn more about accepting payments with Slottable via Stripe.

CRM Integration

Slottable maintains direct integrations with ActiveCampaign, HighLevel and Keap. Additional options are available with Zapier.

Global Settings

There are two global CRM settings for managing Slottable contacts.

  1. Apply a tag in your CRM when a Slottable contact is updated.
  2. Map your Slottable contact information to your CRM.

Individual Thing Settings

Under each of your "Things", there are additional CRM settings. These setting include:

  1. Apply a tag in your CRM when a contact books or cancels a slot.
  2. Tag your CRM contacts as a participant's stage changes (Attended, Did not attend, etc.).
  3. Map your contact booking information to your CRM. This includes things like the slot start and end times, the contact's booking id and any custom questions you may have configured.

API Tokens

API Tokens are used to integrate Slottable with third-party apps. They are keys that grant full account access to the bearer, so you should only generate and share API Tokens with applications you trust.

You can generate a new API token by navigating to the integrations page, then selecting "Create Token." Next, choose a unique name for the token and click "Create Token".

After you generate a new API token you will see your new API Tokens "Token Code". You will only see this value once. So be sure to copy it to the desired application before continuing.