Date and Time Slots

Date and time slots define your Thing's availability.

A date and time slot represents when and where you want to offer your Thing. Each has its own settings and roster, where you can view and manage registrants.


Create and manage slots via the Thing dashboard. Click on "New Date(s)" or "New Time(s)" to add them. Or, to edit, click on an existing slot's menu icon then select "Edit".

For Things that take place over 1 or more days, you can specify a slot's start date. For Things that take place over a number of minutes and/or hours, you can specify the slot's start date and time. Slottable will automatically determine the slot's end date or time.

Quickly Add Multiple Dates

When creating new Slots, you can quickly add multiple dates by clicking on the "Add More Dates" link on the creation form. This will show you a calendar that you can use to pick one or many dates.

The special instructions option allows you to attach important details that apply to just this slot, or, when adding multiple slots, all the slots you are creating. The information you provide here will be shown during the booking process.

Overriding Settings

The Advanced Settings & Options section allows you to override the settings you configured in the Thing Settings.


If you need to edit a slot that already has registrants, keep in mind that Slottable will not notify existing registrants of the changes you make. Nor will it resend any follow-up messages. You should communicate any important changes as necessary.